Founders – Rey and Wes

Last of Hades was founded by two highschool friends, Reyno and Wesley, in december 2017. They are both born and raised in the Netherlands and we always shared a passion for exclusive fashion. It was one of their biggest dreams to create an unique clothing brand with the intention to make people stand out. At the age of 22 they founded Last of Hades, with their slogan, ‘where people will blend in, we will stand out’, in mind they started their journey.

”Our first item was the Customized overcoat I. The coat was hand made and hand-painted. We did not expect to sell out all of the coats within 1 week of release. From this point the brand started growing really fast and was also getting recognition from various celebrities.”  

Why did we create Last of Hades?

Our main focus was to create something that was creative and completely new. We always saw celebrities wearing amazing hand painted jackets, but were never able to find these jackets on the internet or in any store. This is why we created a webshop where everyone can buy custom made jackets and many more creative items. What makes our products extra special, is the fact that we personally paint the designs on the jackets for every customer, once the order is placed. 

Where are we based?

Last of Hades now has customers from all around the world. But the company was founded and is still based in The Netherlands. Last of Hades has no physical store yet. With our small creative team we strife to make every design special and exclusive. We will make you stand out, where everyone else will blend in.

​Want to know what kind of products we create? Visit our Shop for all our exclusive items or keep updated through our Instagram.